Spot On for Dogs

Spot On for Dogs


These unique, premium quality, non-toxic spot-on drops are specially formulated for dogs and provide a natural way of repelling ticks, fleas and other insects. This natural,  premium product is developed by veterinarians, manufactured in a laboratory under strict ISO standards and is used worldwide.  The spot-on drops have a scientific dossier available with clinical data to show efficacy and safety. The exclusive formulas and best prime materials guarantee the stability and shelf-life of the product.

The natural active ingredients include high quality essential oils of Neem, Geraniol and Lavender and are well known to have many properties, including repelling insects and improving general skin health. The oils are absorbed by the skin and hair of the pet and release a fantastic smell which forms a barrier preventing insects from getting near the pet

- Natural active ingredients

- Repels ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, lice and flies.

- Relieves dry, itchy, red and irritated skin and improves general skin health.

- Can be used on puppies from the age of 2 months, not to be used on lactating females

- Not to be used on lactating females


NEEM OIL comes from a tree in India and has been used for centuries for a variety of ailments.  Neem is known to repel insects, as it interrupts the life cycle of ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, lice and flies. It improves general skin health, has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, and is also used in the agricultural sector.

GERANIOL OIL is found in rose, citrus, citronella and palmarosa plants and forms a barrier around the pet which repels insects and has anti-bacterial properties.

LAVENDER OIL is also known to repel bugs and has a calming and soothing effect on your pet.

- Use only one pipette irrespective of size or weight.

- One pipette for 30 days in low season, or 15 days in high season.

- Apply to the back of the neck ensuring that it is well absorbed

- Store in a cool, dark place.

2 pipettes (two month’s supply)